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Cluster Management

Cluster Operational Team

The Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster activities and support services are managed by Luxinnovation, the National Agency for Innovation and Research. A dedicated Cluster management team is in charge of the daily operational tasks dealing with the implementation of the Cluster strategy and the Cluster Action Plan. Do not hesitate to contact the Cluster team for any questions you may have about Cluster strategy, actions and support services, as well as about BioHealth Cluster membership.

Thomas Dentzer, PhD

Cluster Manager
Phone: +352 43 62 63 875


Cluster Steering Committee

A member-driven Cluster governance system guarantees the efficient functioning of the Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster. A Cluster Steering Committee comprising  experts from private companies, public research organisations and Ministries defines the strategic orientations of the BioHealth Cluster and its associated Action Plan with a specific focus on services and activities answering the RDI and business needs of Cluster members. It also contributes to the sustainable development of the Cluster by defining.effective governance procedures adapted to the National ecosystem. In addition, the Steering Committee also plays an important role as multiplier, supporting the dissemination of Cluster information and activities among important opinion leaders and decision makers.

The Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster Steering Committee is chaired by:


Jean-Paul SCHEUREN, House of Biohealth 


Dr Jean-Claude SCHMIT, CRP-Santé 

The complete list of the  Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster Steering Committee can be consulted here.

Become a member

Membership of the Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster will help you to identify new business contacts and project opportunities.