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LuxCLIN conference

Date: 30 May 2017

Place: Amphithéatre – CHL Luxembourg

Organized by the Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation Center of the Luxembourg Institute of Health for Research and Health Professionals working in the field of clinical trials, the LuxCLIN conference will gather experts and opinion leaders who will address the challenges and opportunities of next generation clinical trials.


The Programme of the conference will include the following sessions 

  • ESolutions for Clinical Trials : Challenges and opportunities using new technologies in clinical research.
  • Electronic clinical databases serving research : The integration of routine clinical data into research: Estonian and Danish experiences.
  • Data protection, the 4th dimension of clinical trials: Protect personal data while supporting innovation and preserving individual freedoms: perspectives from France and from The Netherlands.
  • Where Innovation benefits Clinical Research : How the use of mobile health data can impact clinical research and patient wellness.
  • What does the Future of Clinical Trials look like?

A special round table session (round table) will be organised around the topic “Big Data, an opportunity for new models in clinical research?” on the day 1 of the conference and the event will end with a satellite “Certified GCP training for investigators” session organized in collaboration with EFGCP on May 31, 2017.  

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